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    Clock maintenance and Antique Clock maintenance and services in Barnsley, Rotherham, Sheffield, Leeds and Yorkshire from Bygone Times - your Yorkshire Clock Repairer.

    To keep your clock running for many years we Will explain why your clock might be in need of servicing - or not!! We service and repair any type of clock from Antique Longcase to Church Turrets.


    Three year oiling and inspection of your clock

    Clock maintenance image Your clock being a precision mechanism needs periodic maintenance to keep it running reliably and to give it long life. We recommend the following...

    After using your clock for three years bring it in to us for oiling and inspection. We will check the condition of the movement and check that the mainspring ratchets are secure.We will let you know if the clock needs an overhaul or will be ok.



    Winding clocks need overhauling about every 3-7 years. The environment in which the clock is used plays a big role in how long it will run between overhauls.

    Why your clock won't run forever

    As dust gets in the movement the oil becomes an abrasive paste which causes wear. The longer the clocks run in this condition the more repair it will need.Most antique clocks have heavy weights or springs which will run the clock for several years after the oil as gone bad, causing severe wear to the pivots and pivot holes.If your clock stops and you spray it with oil to make it go again it will continue to wear badly because it is still dirty.

    Shortcuts like cleaning the movement whole, even when using an ultrasonic cleaner cannot properly clean pivots and pivot holes.These techniques merely postpone the need for a proper overhaul.

    How we overhaul your clock

    Clock overhaul imageThe movement is taken apart and cleaned, the pivots polished, worn pivots holes bushed, worn pinions replaced, any other necessary repairs carried out.

    The parts are then cleaned again, the pivot holes cleaned with pegwood, the pivot holes given a final cleaning and the movement is assembled and lubricated.



    When we inspect your clock we will give you a price for the required work. Our fees are very competitive but this does not mean we cut corners in our work.

    All work is guaranteed for 12 months from the time you pick up your clock. If clocks for repair cannot be brought in by the customer we may be able to visit your home, a setting up arrangement can also be supplied if it's required, a fee may apply.

    Specialists in Antique Clock Repairs and Clock Restoration including Grandfather Clocks, Antique Church Clock Maintenance and Barometers in Barnsley, Rotherham, Leeds, Sheffield and Yorkshire. Telephone: 07751 488 626 or Email: info@yorkshireclockrepairer.co.uk