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    Case Studies and Projects undertaken by Bygone Times - Public and Church Clock specialists and Antique Clock / Watch Repairs in Barnsley and Yorkshire


    Triton Court

    The clock is a three dial tower clock which is situated on the corner of the Triton Court office building, built around 1923. The building is situated in Finsbury park square, Islington, London.

    The clock system has been changed three times over the years from mechanical flatbed turret clock to electrical 30 second impulse and then in 1984 to synchronous electric motors.

    Triton Court Clock Tower image

    Work carried out...



    Meltham, West Yorkshire

    The original clock mechanism was removed in the 1960s and replaced with a quarter striking electric driven mechanism. The mechanism consists of a synchronous motor that drives a gearbox and eventually drives the hands via rods and bevel gears, a quarter strike unit and an hour strike unit, all three are side by side and connected by rods that operate mercury switches.

    The mechanisms were in a dirty and rusty condition and the motor for the hour strike had been removed by previous repairers and not returned. The lead off rods, motion works, bell cranks and bell hammers were all in a very rusted condition.

    Meltham Church image

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    Scrooby, Nottinghamshire

    The clock instillation consists of a striking flatbed turret clock made around 1900 and a single cast iron dial. On investigation it was found the main reason for stoppage was the motion work and rear dial bearing, which are mounted on a cast iron strap had dropped about 10mm. This was caused by the timber the strap was screwed to being rotten.

    The main mechanism, lead off rods, motion work, and weight pulleys were also in a worn and dirty condition. Because the church was short of funds the work was agreed to be carried out over two years.

    Scrooby Church image

    Work carried out...
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