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    Barometer Repairs and Sales in Barnsley and the surrounding area

    Barometer repairs and Barometer services to the Barnsley, Leeds, Rotherham and Sheffield areas.


    We here at Bygone Times in Barnsley offer a 12 month guarantee on all repairs and sales and are even council and local government approved for your peace of mind.

    Barometer repairs and servicing

    Bygone Times are able to deal with a wide range of clocks and watches as well as other antique instruments. We know that many of the items we deal with are very valuable both in monetary and sentimental value, so we take the greatest care with every job we undertake.

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    Exactly what is a Barometer?

    A barometer is a device that measures air (barometric) pressure. It measures the weight of the column of air that extends from the instrument to the top of the atmosphere. There are two types of commonly-used barometers, mercury and aneroid (meaning "fluidless").

    What does a Barometer do?

    A barometer measures present air pressure, that is the weight of air above it at any one time. As Admiral Fitzroy once described, the air around us can be thought of as an ocean in which we live.

    The higher you go in the air, such as up a mountain, the thinner the air becomes and the less the air pressure is. So your barometer will normally need setting for the altitude where it is going to finally hang. For domestic barometers this is usually only of any importance to set within 1-200 feet of accuracy.


    All our barometers come with instructions and our skilled staff are normally available to help if needed.

    Got a question? Click to make a Barometer enquiry

    Specialists in Antique Clock Repairs and Clock Restoration including Grandfather Clocks, Antique Church Clock Maintenance and Barometers in Barnsley, Rotherham, Leeds, Sheffield and Yorkshire. Telephone: 07751 488 626 or Email: info@yorkshireclockrepairer.co.uk