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    Antique Clock Repairs and Clock Restoration services including Grandfather Clocks. Watches and Pocket Watches

    Bygone Times specialise in Antique Clock Restoration and Repairs in the Barnsley, Leeds, Rotherham, Sheffield and Yorkshire areas.


    Our full Clock repairs and clock restoration services includes...
    • Antique Clock & Watch Repairs (all types of watches)
    • We sell Antique Clocks and Barometers
    • Church Clocks and Public Clocks restoration services
    • Clock servicing and Clock maintenance
    • Antique Clock insurance and Valuations
    • professional refurbishment of Grandfather Clocks
    • Master Clock systems - old and new
    • We can make or supply new Clock Parts
    • On site work and home visits available
    • Fully insured and all our work is guaranteed


    Clock repairs and clock restoration image

    We also purchase antique clocks and modern clocks, Longcase Clocks, Mantle Clocks, Fusee Clocks, Master Clocks, Electric Clocks, Pocket Watches and many more. If you have any of these for sale please Contact Us.

    Old Master Clocks
    Here at Bygone Times (Yorkshire Clock Repairers), we not only buy and sell Antique Lonngcases, Wall and Mantle Clocks, we also buy and sell old and unused Master clock systems.

    Antique Clock imageThese clock systems were found in many buildings and all over the world. The system would be developed to suit the customers requirements.Many of these type of clock systems were found in Schools, Government buildings and many other Business premises.

    The 'Master Clock' commonly a 1 second beat clock would usually be housed away where no one could tamper with it. The masters would be powered with batteries that would have in turn been trickle charged, this minimised the system shutting down upon power failure.

    The pendulums of these Master clocks would commonly be maintained via gravity mostly in the form of a weighted arm that would be released every 30 seconds via a 30 second count wheel, the gravity arm would be released just at the right moment and would be sufficient weight to give the pendulum a little push. Also on each 30 second impulse the slaves within the building would be advanced.


    New, Electronic Master Clock Systems
    Time moving on, mechanical Master systems started to be replaced with modern Electronic versions, while we here at Bygone Times clocks will fit new Electronic time systems - we will also preserve and maintain the older systems if the customer requires it.

    Electronic impulsers can be custom made to drive old style slave clocks and even Church tower / turret clocks where slave movements are used.

    Barnsley Town Hall, South Yorkshire have one such system where a Synchronome Master clock is hidden within the depths of the building and this master drives a turret slave unit that in turn drives the motion work for the hands of the three dials. The Gillet and Johnston slave movement in the Tower receives a 30 second pulse from the master, this releases an arm that allows the movement to turn indicating a 30 second advance on the hands for the public to see.

    Where we can we will try and keep the old systems going as they are much more pleasing to see. we can also adapt of make new units.

    If you require a Master Clock system or for anything else...
    We will do our very best to help out with your requirements, we work all over Yorkshire repairing, servicing, buying and selling antique clocks and watches. If you have any questions on this topic please give us a call so we can arrange a meeting.

    Please just give us a call or send us an email - we are happy to help in any way.

    Specialists in Antique Clock Repairs and Clock Restoration including Grandfather Clocks, Antique Church Clock Maintenance and Barometers in Barnsley, Rotherham, Leeds, Sheffield and Yorkshire. Telephone: 07751 488 626 or Email: info@yorkshireclockrepairer.co.uk